About Us
This community mapping project documents information about sustainable businesses, history, and ecological points of interest in the region through web and paper-based guides. These guides are meant to serve as historical documents and to promote local businesses that support ecological education, promote waste reduction, recycling and composting, provide fair wages and language training, promote awareness of cultural diversity and the purchase of local products.

What Is A Green Map?
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Contact Us
If you would like to contribute, just register on our website. Need to contact us? Email us at ilhagrandegreenmap@gmail.com.

Our Mission
• To provide an historical document of the changing ecological, cultural, and economic landscape of Paraty.
• To orient regional tourism towards sustainable, culturally sensitive, and ecologically aware activities and businesses.
• To encourage awareness and understanding of the ecological processes, cultural heritage, and economic agents in the region.
• To engage locals with and build skills through resources provided by a network of educational professionals.
Our Goals
• To continually update a database of sustainable businesses, ecological points of interest, and cultural heritage sites.
• To engage local community members in international debates on the value and goals of tourism development.
• To facilitate educational and cultural exchange for students and local residents through long term collaborations.
• To provide people with technical capabilities and resources.
Our Methods
• Offer conferences on tourism and its development.
• Lead student and faculty groups.
• Perform participatory mapping with local communities.
• Encourage job-training and skills to locals (language training, professional standards, and sustainable business practices).
• Implement market analysis and social surveys.
• Coordinate discussions on topics relevant to the local community (focus groups).

Contact Person
The director and main contact point for Paraty Green Map is Dr. Claudia Green, a professor based in New York City at the Lubin School of Business of Pace University. She is a research and marketing consultant to the Kingdom of Morocco, Ministry of Tourism and Craft Trades, where she is working with local artisans in the markets of Marrakech and Fez. She is former Executive Director of the Pace University Center for Global Business Programs, where she developed international experiences for faculty and students in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Shanghai, Hong Kong and Beijing (China), Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar (Tanzania), London (UK) Brussels (Belgium), Berlin (Germany) Milan, Rome, and Florence (Italy), Helsinki (Finland), St. Petersburg and Moscow (Russia), Mumbai and Bangalore (India), and Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Ilha Grande, Paraty, Belém, Santarém, Salvador, Curitiba, Londrina and Iguaçu Falls (Brazil).

Dr. Green is an international consultant, working on educational and technology projects. Her current ongoing project, Amigos Digitais, links elementary school students in New York City and Rio de Janeiro through an interactive, web based portal.

Dr. Green’s Green Map projects of sustainable tourism development are focused on the communities of Mugello, Italy, NYC Chinatown, as well as Paraty and Paraty, Brazil.

In New York, Dr. Green has been recognized for her research on post-9/11 restaurant development near Ground Zero.

Team Members
For the Paraty Green Map Brazil-based partners are the heart of the Green Map project:
• Nelson Palma, Environmentalist and Editor O Eco Journal
• Luiz Henrique Schulze, Tourism Consultant and Liaison with Brazilian businesses, universities, and non-profits

Wendy Brawer (the creator of Green Maps) and the community of people involved in Green Map System give a network of support and tools to interested mapmakers. Numerous student volunteer partners have contributed time, energy, and creative inspiration to this project.

Green Consensus provides technical assistance for GPS training, survey administration, map design, and management of GIS and website technologies. Green Consensus, based in Montreal, Quebec, specializes in community-based mapping, social surveys, market analysis, land use planning, and web hosting and design.Green Consensus is a non-for-profit organization that manages ongoing and completed projects in Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, Cameroon, and Quebec.

Madhouse Media provides technical support for the website content and design.

Featured Business of the Month

Atelier do Dalcir
Ramiro Dalcir and his family are native to Paraty. Ramiro has been creating his ceramic sculptures for over 30 years.

Dalcir’s work incorporates traditional processes of ceramic-making adopted from the local Indians; he is thereby helping to preserve the culture of Paraty. He supports Paraty’s community incentives and art events and has released two books about his art- one in Italy and one in Brazil.

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