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Paraty is know for its many entrepreneurial artists and businesses.  In March 2012, Pace students had an opportunity to take a historic tour and learn about the sustainable practices of several entrepreneurs in the Historic Center.


  • This was a lot of fun! We walked all around historical Paraty and met with entrepreneurs along with learning a bit of history!

  • It was such an amazing experience to go on a historic tour and learn about the different sustainable businesses in Paraty. I learned that cars are not allowed to drive in this area and that businesses cannot change their styles. This is because Paraty wants to preserve the cobble stone roads and the traditional Portuguese architectural designs in this area. We also got to see a local Artist draw Danielle (another student) during our tour. This was such a great experience and he did it within fifteen minutes and the drawing was outstanding.

  • The first woman we met had an amazing cooking school in the middle of the colonial town of Paraty. She was welcoming, and knew Professor Green from Pace University. She spoke English which was helpful and was delighted to see bright young shinning faces at her door.

    Atelier Sarti is a local Brazilian artist who’s art is featured in restaurants around Paraty. His work could be found in exhibits all over the world. You can tell his work is his because of the distinct long neck figures. He used pastels to draw a figure of my friend who turned 23 in Paraty on our visit.

  • While on a trip to Brazil with students from Pace University, we met with some fantastic entrepreneurs of Paraty. We spoke with Yara Castro Robert, an accomplished Chef who has written a number of books on traditional Brazilian cuisine. We also met Atelier Aecio Sarti, a world renowned sustainable artist who uses a canvases made of recycled tarp from trucks. For my birthday, he drew a portrait of me using his unique style. The experience of a lifetime! Paraty is an unforgettable city with unique and enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

  • The colonial town of Paraty is beautiful. It is full of culture, the stone laid on the street has been there for hundreds of years as well as the buildings, there are amazing local artists who have their studios there and you can see their work and there are amazing restaurants run by locals that have amazing tasting food. Especially Bistro Brazil, it is also featured on this website so check it out!

  • On a recent trip to Brazil with Pace University, we visited Paraty and had the opportunity to take that amazing tour of the Historic Center you see in some of the pictures above. The Historic Center is a beautiful section of Paraty with so much life, history, and culture to it. Some parts of the area hasn’t been changed since its inception truly speaking to its vast history and authenticity.

    We had the opportunity to meet with a few local business as well who are doing amazing work in Paraty while remaining sustainable and promoting the conservation of Paraty’s environment and resources. Paraty is a remarkable location where there is so much culture to learn and experience in Brazil!

  • While visiting Paraty during a school trip with Pace University I was able to meat some fantastic entrepreneurs. With an eye for art and a gift for economic sustainability. I met a great local Artist by the name of Lucio Cruz that showed me what could be done with old news paper and the amazing art that could become of it.
    I also met Atelier Aecio Sarti, another great local artist who captured wildlife in his art and even put it on a near by tree to add to the beauty of the old city. He used drift wood and fallen tree branches to show his art in wonderful ways. Paraty is definitely a city I would go to again and continue to learn from.

  • Paraty’s rich history and culture are reflected in the achievements of the entrepreneurs with in its boarders. On a recent trip to Paraty with Pace University we met several business owners all how have a love for Paraty and for Brazil that is reflected in their work. We met Yara Castro Robert who shares Brazilian culture with others through food at her cooking school.
    We also met Atelier Aecio Sarti whose beautiful art has helped to put Partay on the map as a cultural hub while also saving the environment by painting on old, repaired, canvases used to cover the cargo of trucks.

  • I had the great opportunity to meet the entrepreneurs you see in the video above, in addition to many more. You can see how the ideas of each one embody and preserve the historic culture of Paraty. There are few places that are truly authentic but this is certainly one of them. The locals are very friendly and always willing to speak and share their thoughts with you.

    It should also be highlighted that all of these business owners follow sustainable business practices. Please consider giving them a visit and supporting their work.

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Atelier do Dalcir
Ramiro Dalcir and his family are native to Paraty. Ramiro has been creating his ceramic sculptures for over 30 years.

Dalcir’s work incorporates traditional processes of ceramic-making adopted from the local Indians; he is thereby helping to preserve the culture of Paraty. He supports Paraty’s community incentives and art events and has released two books about his art- one in Italy and one in Brazil.

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