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Local Food and Beverage in Paraty from Brazil Green Map on Vimeo.

Paraty has become a city with many festivals and events every month. Among the most popular of those that feature local foods and beverages such as cachaca made in local distilleries.


  • The local food and beverages are exquisite. Food comes from the local area and is extremely fresh. Many different restaurants line the cobblestone streets of Paraty offering customers a wide variety of options. From the restaurants to the locals who sell dessert treats from moving carts on the streets, one cant help but beg for more when it comes to the food and beverages of Paraty.

  • Paraty is full of many different restaurants of Brazilian cuisine providing many different dishes made with all local produce, meats and fishes, as well as the dozens of moving dessert carts that ride along the cobble stone streets of Paraty. One can certainly never be hungry!

  • There is no such thing like Brazilian cuisine! The food taste good every where you go. Brazilian food has a richness to it and is made with a variety of ingredients. There are plenty of restaurants up and down the streets in the village of Paraty. You definitely won’t starve during your stay in Paraty!

  • Food is Brazil was one of a kind. The unique taste had me craving for more! We were provided by many different types of food. In Paraty you had a great deal of variety when it came to food. I feel that if you travel to this area you will be satisfied by their cuisine.

  • Brazilian food is the best! With a large variety of foods, you can never be hungry for a long period of time. The foods have its own unique taste and spicing to them that you won’t find anywhere else. Paraty was great because all over the main street there were many places to go to eat.

  • Nothing compares to Brazilian food. Everything is fresh and majority of the food is produced locally. The absence of adidtives and preservatives really adds to the healthful benefits as well. One difference I found between Brazil and the US was that unlike there being a plethora of fast food restaurants in the US, Brazil was full of real restaurants and deli style shops.

  • The steak was amazing. I am from New York, and have never tasted anything of that quality and flavor. The historical area is a great experience with architecture and buildings that is rich in culture. The people are friendly, and the area is bustling with artists and musicians. One of my favorite stores is the beverage business Armazem da Cachaca which has a variety of choices of locally made Cachaca which Brazil is known for. They are very friendly and offer free samples to help you in your choice of Cachaca.

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Atelier do Dalcir
Ramiro Dalcir and his family are native to Paraty. Ramiro has been creating his ceramic sculptures for over 30 years.

Dalcir’s work incorporates traditional processes of ceramic-making adopted from the local Indians; he is thereby helping to preserve the culture of Paraty. He supports Paraty’s community incentives and art events and has released two books about his art- one in Italy and one in Brazil.

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