Green Map Smart Phone App

Sep 27, 2011   //   by jessvanness09   //   Recent News  //  1 Comment

The interactive and participatory Open Green Map of Paraty is now available on-th-go. Today, there hundreds of sites on to explore from your desktop or with your smart phone thanks to the release of an Open Green Map smart phone app.

To get the map- visit the app store on your phone or click here.

Happy Mapping!

1 Comment

  • I have downloaded Green Map App here in the US and love it. Cannot wait to use it in Paraty in March!

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Featured Business of the Month

Atelier do Dalcir
Ramiro Dalcir and his family are native to Paraty. Ramiro has been creating his ceramic sculptures for over 30 years.

Dalcir’s work incorporates traditional processes of ceramic-making adopted from the local Indians; he is thereby helping to preserve the culture of Paraty. He supports Paraty’s community incentives and art events and has released two books about his art- one in Italy and one in Brazil.

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